Emotional Impact of Physical Injury

August 12, 2019 / Ben Green  / 
physical injury

Note: This article was authored by an outside organization. Challenge the Storm does not explicitly promote the use of the treatments contained within this article but does encourage all readers to be as informed as possible about possible treatment options, including the one in this article.

Many people, athletes and otherwise, have experienced some form of injury throughout their lives. Though it can sometimes be overcome, there are instances where the injury becomes a part of life. Physical therapy, medication, and even surgery can be options to help the recovery process. Many doctors focus on this — the physical aspect of injury. It is discussed less often how an injury may affect mental health, however. The correlation between mental and physical health is strong and should be discussed with doctors though it is often overlooked in the exam room. Exercise and eating healthy has a proven positive effect on mental health as well as the community aspect of working out that many people find comforting. The recovery process can be draining and contribute to symptoms of anxiety, depression, disordered eating, and more. Standard treatment methods may help an injury, but it is also important to consider other treatments along with seeking psychological help. The mental hurdles that must be overcome to fully recover are often not associated with treatment, but are just as necessary to consider.