The Moth, the Light, and the Positive

March 21, 2018 / Joanna Fanuko  / 
moth, positive

The moth is drawn to the flame. A short life lived, though moths are always searching for the light. I find myself thinking about the way a moth lives and wonder if the metaphor is something to strive for.

Like the moth, in the grand scheme of time, we live short lives. And just as the moth spends a short time on Earth searching for and following the light, we as human beings should spend our gift of time on the planet searching for the light, or rather, the positive.

Negativity Turned Positive


How to Go About Exercising When Recovering From Addiction

March 7, 2018 / Caleb Anderson  / 
exercise, addiction

Addiction can be the most difficult roadblock a person must overcome to achieve a fulfilling life. There is no miracle cure for overcoming addictive behavior, but there are proven methods and behaviors that universally increase one’s chance for success. One of the behaviors that can stave off addictive cravings while improving our longevity and self-worth is exercise. Finding exercises that are enjoyable and easy to replicate help us clear our mind of negative thoughts. Exercise also occupies time formerly spent in addictive behaviors.

The Mental Benefits of Exercise



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