Living Life with Schizophrenia

November 28, 2017 / Emily Hicks  / 
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“It’s been a long road and I have struggled in the past with work and living arrangements, but now I live independently, drive myself to work and manage all my own affairs” states Fred Botruff, a 53-year-old man living with schizophrenia. Fred provides hope to many who are struggling with finding recovery. “Recovery is possible, just don’t give up” shares Fred. I met Fred two months ago when I began my internship at Genesis House in Fowlerville, Michigan. Genesis House is a clubhouse for adults who suffer from mental illness. The clubhouse model (Clubhouse International) provides psychosocial rehabilitation and offers a work-ordered day for members who are striving for independence. Clubhouses provide social support as well as employment assistance to members who are interested and feel ready. Clubhouses are a stepping stone for adults who are building and rebuilding their lives after a diagnosis of mental illness.

I had the opportunity to interview Fred and learned more than I could ever imagine.

Emily Hicks: How would you describe yourself?

Fred Botruff: I am reserved and shy. But I am getting better. I am much better than I used to be.


Stand By My Man

November 27, 2017 / Amy Krolak  / 
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I turned on the Today Show on November 1st and I caught the segment where Matt, Al and Carson talked about the Movember Program and how they would be participating. It’s also known as the no-shave November campaign for men’s cancers like testicular and prostate and NOW there would be an additional emphasis on men’s mental health issues, like depression and suicide.

When You Should Seek Mental Help


My Moods Do Not Define Me

November 21, 2017 / Stephanie Poleson  / 

My moods are a roller coaster. I see life through the lens of constant up and down. Not many people know this about me, because I have a natural life force and an outgoing personality. Mental illness is so often a hidden thing. Its sufferers are often adept at hiding its symptoms. The image you have of mental illness often comes from the movies. The movies have a habit of presenting mental illness in its extreme form. But not all of us are like that.


Eating Disorders: A to Z

November 18, 2017 / Hailey Huber  / 
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It started slowly and picked up pace quickly. Starting with the little things, working out more, and more, and more. Till I was still unsatisfied. Then it turned to eating. Eating less and less. Wanting to rip my “fat” off my body, to tear away all of the skin. Eventually, it turned into endless hours of working out but never having enough energy. Counting every single chip. The “dark age” of my life lasted, long but short. Like I mentioned it started slow. With me nothing more but not doing anything. It went on like this for almost a year. Before I was working out day in and day out; before I was eating less than one hundred calories a day. Before, I was crying over how I looked not talking to anyone. Wondering why I was like this.


An Evening of Hope Speech

November 14, 2017 / Danei Edelen  / 
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What Began as a Joke, Became My Personal Nightmare

When my husband and I first moved to Brown County, we jokingly called our beloved acreage “Edelen Acres” after Green Acres. Green Acres was an American sitcom starring Eddie Albert and Eva Gabor. A couple from New York City move to a country farm. Recently relocated back to Ohio from Silicon Valley, I did so tongue-in-cheek. Both being high technology professionals, I was in earnest that we could turn our hand at organic farming. But as life would have it, my dream home became the set for my own personal nightmare.

My Mental Health Journey


Let’s Celebrate A Hopeful Recovery from Dual Diagnosis

November 7, 2017 / Amy Krolak  / 

The National Alliance on Mental Illness reported that 50 percent of individuals with severe mental health disorders are affected by substance use. In addition, 37 percent of alcohol users and 53% of drug abusers also have at least one serious mental illness.

Double trouble but there is hope because researchers are looking into the connection between these disorders and Physicians are developing treatments integrating the recovery program and treatment plans. Also, researchers are looking into the relationship between early substance use and the increases in likely future problems with alcohol and drugs. I believe the more we know about something, the better we are able to find solutions. I started on the path of substance abuse as a young teen. I have continued to work through this along with the mental illness conditions I am experiencing.



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