Challenge the Storm is an idea, a mission. Mental illness is no joke, and we strive every day to motivate, inspire, and provide the tools to not only overcome your own struggles, but to support others in their journeys as well. We believe that we all have the power to change one life – and in the process – we’ll change the world.

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What we do

We strive to change one person’s outlook, for just one moment, every day. By providing a platform for your voice to be heard, you can positively affect the lives of countless others, simply by sharing your story.

Share Your Story

We all have a unique story to share. Stories of hardship, triumph, love, loss. Whether sharing personally or anonymously, we provide a platform for you to express yourself openly, and free from judgement.

Telling your story not only empowers others, but empowers yourself. Simply provide a brief idea of what you would like to share, and we’ll contact you shortly on how to bring your story to life.


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Our team

Alex Hanna

Founder @ Challenge the Storm LLCAlex is a full-time technology consultant and all-the-time poet, despite his less-than-impressive vocabulary, which doesn’t seem to hinder his passion for writing poetry. His neurotic tendencies help keep everything in order.MORE DETAILS

Some of our partners

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American Foundation for Suicide Prevention
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