The Surviving Woman

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December 12, 2017
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There are times in my life when my creativity focused on journaling about my childhood torture and abuse.  Somehow I have survived that time and also as an adult.  This poem describes, without going into graphics, the childhood, the tortured mind of an adult and the healing that is always ongoing.  I hope that these glimpses into my life give others encouragement to continue on even when they believe they can’t.

Tortured and abused.
No one to help
No one to care,
So young and so scared.

Oh Lord, how can I survive?

Walking the streets so young
Trying to escape,
Trying to stay safe,
Just to be tortured and abused again.

Oh Lord, how can I survive?

Someone has hurt my child
In the very same way
It is happening again.
What is a mother to do.

Oh Lord, how can I survive?

Trying to escape a broken mind
The pain of the past and present
In the bottle and in the pills
Just wanting to die.

Oh Lord, how can I survive?

But Lord, you see the beauty
You see the strength
Dying not the answer
Broken and yet whole.

Because of You, Lord

Arlene Passer

Arlene Passer

Arlene L. Passer was born in 1949 in Traverse City, Michigan. She is a college graduate, a proud mother of five children, a novice poet, and a journalist of her own childhood experiences. These are the writer’s first poems describing her personal struggles with depression and her growth through recovery. Arlene’s passion for art includes making jewelry and wreaths in her spare time. She lives in Southeast Michigan.

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