Unshackling Myself from my Eating Disorder

March 16, 2017 / Jamie Doe (anonymous)  / 
eating disorder, breaking free

I’m back, and today I chose to write about the road to recovery from my eating disorder (ED). Who’s with me?!

Negative coping skills related to ED’s are in one word, exhausting. The behaviors, rituals, and all the thinking about food and my body consumed a large part of every single day of my life for the better part of an entire DECADE. Over time, I realized that I wanted to live life again - in the present. I wanted meaningful relationships and experiences - I wanted to laugh and remember the days where I just listened to myself, not my ED voice - I wanted to live life for me. And most of all, above anything, I wanted to be free. Liberated.


How I Finally Shared What is Eating Me Up

December 11, 2016 / Jamie Doe (anonymous)  / 
connected, eating disorder

My eating disorder voice

My eating disorder (ED) started when I was a freshman in college; I was 18 years old at the time. For the many years that followed, my eating disorder and I were on-and-off-again allies for the most part - but even through the “off” times, I continued to listen to my ED voice. Let me begin by explaining what my ED voice is - its basically an ongoing dialogue in my head that doesn’t let up. When I want a dessert, for example, it may say, “But Jamie. You don’t truly want that. You’ve restricted so well today, don’t mess it up now. Put that shit back on the shelf RIGHT THIS INSTANT!” I try to tell that voice to “shut the fuck up” whenever I hear it, and more times than not, I am triumphant. 


A Day in the Life with an Eating Disorder

October 12, 2016 / Jamie Doe (anonymous)  / 
eating disorder

I’m asleep, and dreaming of food. Foods that I want to eat, mainly. Lots and lots of them. Ice cream. Cake. Cookies. I wake up, and my stomach churns as I recall everything I think I ate during the night. Holy shit, I think, if I truly ate all of that, I am going to have to begin to plan my day around food much more meticulously than I normally would. Thanks, eating disorder, for making my day so frustrating and exhausting. Already. Damn you, eating disorder! (more…)


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