Find a Friend in Solitude

June 1, 2016 / Alex Hanna  / 
friend in solitude, solitude, sun, morning

When you find yourself in that space – when you find a friend in solitude

I often find myself sitting alone, begging for solitude – and its ok. I have a friend in solitude. We all do. But I find myself waiting for the lost days  the sun shines, but not in deep anticipation. Just waiting, alone.

She lay no foundation for expectation;
Only faith that whatever may be
Is ok

Curated:   Solitude — Poets Unlimited — Medium

When you find yourself in this space, know that solitude is not the beast that we envision lingering in the night. It is not the dark coffin that you are buried in. It is a quiet and sacred space: for you, and for yourself, and for your sanity.

But when you open your eyes and are surrounded by solitude, never forget that there is a guiding light which will illuminate your path. You must be willing to see that light: follow it back into the warm glow of the daytime sun. The light is there, it always is. So next time you find yourself dwelling in solitude, just remember that the light is waiting for you. Take that first step.