I Miss the Way I Saw Myself

January 16, 2018 / Claire Kopko  / 

No one had ever told me that recovery would be easy. I was told that therapy would cause me to feel worse for a while because I was confronting things that I had been avoiding. I would be tired. I would feel intense emotions that I had been suppressing. But in time, I would learn to acknowledge these feelings without them knocking me out. They would no longer be a threat. Sure, they were unpleasant, but they weren’t permanent. Realizing that nothing is truly permanent is the tool that has helped me to recover and improve my mental health more than anything else.


Coming Out on Top—Tips for Financial Recovery After Addiction

December 4, 2017 / Dorothy Watson  / 
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Ask anyone who’s suffered from drug and alcohol abuse and they’ll tell you that overcoming addiction is no easy task. It requires strength, dedication, and unwavering willpower to pull yourself up from your lowest low and get your life back on track. Somewhere on the road to recovery you’ll begin to have a clearer picture of the difficulties ahead. Relationships with friends and family may be bent and broken, money might be scarce and bills will need to be paid. If you’re worried about getting back on your feet financially, here are a few tips to ensure your recovery also helps your wallet.

Finding a Stable Job



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