How Does Personality Affect Mental Health?

May 1, 2016 / Alex Hanna  / 
Personality affect Mental Health

Read the follow-on article about one woman’s story here , published October, 2016. She shares a personal story about the idea that personality can change due to a mental illness. To read the follow-on piece, click here.

Are you an INTJ, ESTJ, INFP? 

INTJ is what I’m categorized as – the third rarest type, according to Truity. I’ve taken various tests, even some which were professionally administered, and they always come out the same (most recently took John’s Personality Test, and the results were consistent). What does that tell me? Presumably, it means I am more into science than art, it means I don’t like “simple”, and males who carry this categorization are over-represented among substance abusers. But does that really define ME? Thinking more about it, how does personality affect mental health at a more fundamental level?

Take John’s Personality Test

Everybody knows about the Myers Briggs Test. What you may not know is what those results actually mean.  Do they factor into your everyday lives? Did they predetermine your profession? Not necessarily. An article by Gracepoint Wellness states that this test “measures preferences rather than aptitude, the MBTI is not considered a proper instrument for purposes of employment selection. Many professions contain highly competent individuals of different types with complementary preferences.” (see the full article here).