Your Inner Strength

September 5, 2017 / Alex Hanna  / 
inner strength

With suicide prevention awareness month upon us, it is important to understand our inner strength. What is inner strength? It is more than “sucking it up” and doing what needs to be done. It is also about recognizing and appreciating how far you have made it in this world. Being able to look in the mirror and be proud of who you are. This world is difficult…very difficult. But you have made it this far. And that should be celebrated.


Unshackling Myself from my Eating Disorder

March 16, 2017 / Jamie Doe (anonymous)  / 
eating disorder, breaking free

I’m back, and today I chose to write about the road to recovery from my eating disorder (ED). Who’s with me?!

Negative coping skills related to ED’s are in one word, exhausting. The behaviors, rituals, and all the thinking about food and my body consumed a large part of every single day of my life for the better part of an entire DECADE. Over time, I realized that I wanted to live life again – in the present. I wanted meaningful relationships and experiences – I wanted to laugh and remember the days where I just listened to myself, not my ED voice – I wanted to live life for me. And most of all, above anything, I wanted to be free. Liberated.


When That Day Comes

October 27, 2015 / Alex Hanna  / 
when that day comes

The fight continues, day in and day out. Every day feels like an eternity. But know that each day of struggle brings you that much closer to victory. And that victory may not be today, and it may not be tomorrow. But when that day comes, be ready, be humble, and be accepting. You are the only one who knows how hard you have fought to be where you are.

In the dirt between the tracks on the sidewalk,  

yields a rose who has toiled longer and harder than his brothers.  

In an effort just to peek through the cracks,  

he looks out of place against the gray background –  

but shows signs of beauty that has rarely been seen.   (more…)


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