What is a Mental Health Technician?

October 26, 2016 / Alex Hanna  / 
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Zach Good is a Mental Health Technician with a degree Political Science from Penn State University. He also has a double minor in Sociology and History.

mental health technician, zach good, mental health

Alex Hanna: What is a Mental Health Technician, anyway?

Zach Good: A Mental Health Technician, or MHT, is an inpatient psychiatric hospital employee who works directly with patients suffering from mental disorders to verify their safety and ensure that the therapy plans created by the psychiatrists and social workers are followed. That’s a summary for an MHT job description you might find online; but to describe it in simpler terms, an MHT is someone who spends the entirety of the day working with psychiatric patients—facilitating activities on the unit schedule, leading group discussions, addressing patient concerns, and generally keeping the peace. MHTs are a psychiatric hospital’s frontline employees in that they live in the trenches and do everything from serve as informal counselors to take out the trash. I like to say that the doctors make the hospital money but the MHTs run the show [laughs].