Lucy: The Cat who Taught me to Love

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March 24, 2017

It’s been a sad week for me. See, last week my cat ran away. Twelve years ago, when we found her she was a scraggly, very angry, almost dead kitten. When she snuck out our kitchen, she was just a scraggly, old, mean cat. This is her. Lucille (Lucy) Saphillo.


Doesn’t look like much does she? I mean most people love their animals, blah, blah. Right? However, this one redefined my whole self-image. Heck, you could even say she taught me how to love.

Impossible? Let me tell you a story… When D (my wife) found her under the car, she was a tiny, hissing, angry mess. Her fur was matted, she was half starved and dehydrated. However, messed up as she was, this was one ball of bad attitude! Though I figured she was going to die, I liked Lucy immediately. A tiger till the last I thought. The next day I came home to find her growing weaker, her tiny little tongue hanging out. She was laboring to breathe in shallow pants. I knew she was dying! Without a thought, I scooped her up, held her close and prayed as hard as I could for her tiny little life. Over and over again, please, that prayer went, God let this little cat live. Please… it was the first time I’d ever done such a thing, and in that exact moment, the biggest lie my mind ever told me was dis-spelled; till that day I honestly thought myself incapable of being a normal, compassionate, loving human.

What I didn’t know

See, while these days I know isolation and emotional numbness is a common symptom of depression, back then, I had no idea. This was monumental! I felt real compassion! I wasn’t hopeless.

I was simply a human who had denied his feelings for too long. Now, the truth is that one day didn’t fix me, cause as you know, conquering depression is nowhere near so easy. Still, thinking about that time makes me tear up. I know me acting to save that little cat was the first step to becoming the father and husband I’m proud to be today.

If you too struggle, if you have always felt like you were not ever going to be normal, never going to fit in, as if some piece of you was missing, hear me.

This is the biggest lie depression will tell you, and letting it be true for you, will taint so many other parts of your personality. You can choose a different path today. I urge you to take steps to deal with it now. It took me 30 years, and a mental breakdown, before I stopped ignoring and pretending. Now I blog, write, and teach to help others with their depression

A big year

This year I’m going to help 1,000 people start living a peaceful, more fulfilling life, by helping them acknowledge, and understand the truth of their depression, and encouraging them to help 1,000 others do the same. Would ya help me help you help you?

Click here for a free depression test. It’s quick, free, private, and will give you a good indication of where you are on the depression spectrum.

P.S: Today Lucy is 12 years old, still mean as heck, pretty much only likes me, and thankfully came back home, probably snoring and drooling on my pillow right now. I wish you all the best.

Bryan Forsythe

My name is Bryan Forsythe. I live in the fabulous state of Virginia. For 30 years like many others I ignored this illness, pretending to be fine. Now as an author, blogger, depression survivor and coach, my aim is to help 1000 people, "come out" with the truth and challenges of their mental struggles. I love my wife, new baby son, and of course my gnarly, mean, old cat, Lucy (Lucille Saphillo). Tell me how I can help

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  • OnceUhTineUhPon

    A great piece- thanks for sharing a part of your story! –Karin

    • Bryan Forsythe

      Hey Karin, thank you so much! Enjoy your day.

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